Meet Tyne, a pink fairy who never felt she found her place amongst her kind. In the midst of her isolation, she wanders into the woods, where she encounters...


With color bursting from the roots of the tree up to the very tips of the branches, this tree is special, and it's magic is meant to be discovered by more than one on a fateful day by...


Val comes from another tribe of fairies, who are all various shades of red. He never felt he had a place, until his world and the world itself came to be changed...



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We are running a campaign to make the money we have spent on creating this book, so that we can donate the majority of the proceeds to children who need it with Imagine Worldwide.


While riding a chairlift on a snowy day, entrepreneur Joe Wolf was asked by a five-year-girl he had never met to tell her a story. Seeing the snow covered pine trees and the warmth of her smile, Wolf conjured up the beginnings of story of a fairy seeking love and acceptance. His three children joined in the creative process and the result is Once Upon A Heart.


Once Upon a Heart was illustrated by Rossana Vergara, an artist/graphic designer from Barranquilla, Colombia. Before illustrating the book, she had past experiences in  experience in Advertising, Branding, Editorial, Illustration, Visual Merchandising, Packaging and Art Direction.

Fairy Wolf-02

"Imagine will demonstrate that children, with personalized technology in their hands, can become literate and numerate with little to no adult instruction. More than 250 million children and youth worldwide do not have access to school. And hundreds of millions more go to school but never learn to read or write. We are partnering with organizations across the globe to pilot autonomous learning programs. We envision a world where all children have access to opportunity. Proving the effectiveness of autonomous learning, beginning in places with no alternatives, can pave the way for limitless possibilities for all children." To read more, continue to Imagine Worldwide's website.

We intend to contribute the majority of the proceeds to Imagine Worldwide after we publish Once Upon a Heart. The reason we have chosen to start a kickstarter is so that we can allocate the percentage we intended to without making sacrifices on the artwork. With each purchase, you are contributing to the future minds of our world.


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